Building a Book Trailer Indie Style

Presented by Nikolas Larum

Book trailers are a fun and effective way to promote your book. This practical seminar is filled with ideas and resources on how to build your own book trailers on a limited budget for the biggest payoff. If you have ever dreamed of seeing your story made into a movie, this seminar will help your dream come true. 

Nikolas Larum, author of the Gypsy Spy, The Blood of Jesus Christ and Wind, Water and Fire: Understanding the Holy Spirit, began his world travels at the tender of age of five.  By the age of six, he had journeyed from California to Arkansas, hiked from Michigan to New York, flown to Iceland, and settled in Spain. He spent his formative, pre-teen years in Francoist Spain and returned to the U.S.A. more Spaniard than American. His experiences of ever being a stranger in a strange land are a major source of inspiration to his writing. A bi-vocational minister for more than 30 years, Larum has worked as a government contractor and in the recycling industry.  He lives with the wife of his youth and four of their children in Chesapeake, Virginia.