Navigating the Field of Publishing

Presented by Janice Hopkins

The publishing industry has changed over the last few years, and this has greatly impacted writers and readers. Learn about the main publishing options and the advantages and disadvantages of each from an author’s standpoint so that you can make the best choices for your situation. Discuss some of the issues with publishing and what each option requires of the author. See why many top-name authors are turning from well-known publishing houses to self-publishing. Even if you are a published author, you might want to consider other options at some point in your career. Where is God leading you?

Janice Cole Hopkins is a native North Carolinian who has traveled the world, going to all fifty states and forty-three other countries. She’s a prolific writer who has published over twenty books with more on the way. Five were published with a traditional publisher, ten were published by a smaller, print-on-demand publisher, and now she’s gone more to self-publishing while keeping her other options open. She has also published audiobooks, so you can ask her about those, too. She loves writing and gets excited just talking about it. Come share in her enthusiasm, experience, and practical knowledge of writing and publishing.