How to Have a Happy Marriage

Presented by Dr. Christine Bacon

Christine Bacon, author of The Super Couple, provides insight on how to transform your marriage from troubled or hum-drum into a super marriage. Her own marriage was so painful and troubled that author Dr. Christine Bacon actually prayed for her husband to die. During the four-year separation and her husband's pursuit of reconciliation, she realized that reunification would mean changing everything: ineffective communication styles, bad habits, attitudes and levels of commitment. Bacon vowed to herself that "this second time must be forever." Her personal trials, despair and fighting spirit fueled a new quest to discover the formula for extremely happy couples. Dr. Bacon interviewed nearly 100 Super Couples to discover whether extremely happy marriages were a matter of fate or formula. Did they get lucky, or was "super" something that could be learned? Her surprising findings inspired a turnaround in her now happy and fulfilling marriage and have led to the same for thousands of other couples.  Join Dr. Bacon in this free seminar to put the joy back in your relationship.  It's a small investment in a lifetime of happily ever after.

Communication expert Christine M. Bacon, Ph.D., is an author, speaker, trainer and the radio talk-show host of "Breakfast with Bacon: The Relationship Doctor."